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She seeks to correct this "errour" by inviting them to gather "in perfit unity" around a Eucharistic table, an idealized place where the women live "in equall sov'raigntie.
Discovering the Deep: A Photographic Atlas of the Sea-Floor and Ocean Crust was written by WHOI marine geologist Daniel Fornari and WHOI biologist Timothy Shank and their colleagues Jeff Karson (Syracuse University), Deborah Kelley (University of Washington), and Michael Perfit (University of Florida).
The island of Hispaniola harbors more biodiversity than any other island in the West Indies, and the evolution of its fauna is of considerable interest because of the complex geologic and climatic history of the Antillean archipelago (Donnelly 1989, Perfit & Williams 1989, Higuera-Gundy et al.
Stephen Perfit, senior executive director of Pyramid's Hudson Valley Office in Newburgh, will lead the assignment, along with a team that includes Brian Coleman and Laurie Milano.
The article examines the English astronomer Thomas Digges (1546-95) who in 1576 published his English translation of Nicholaus Copernicus's (1473-1543) De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium together with a sketch of the Copernican universe under the heading "A Perfit description of the Coelestial Orbes" and points out that contrary to most modern claims and assumptions, Digges saw his work as fortifying theological conceptions of God's omnipotence and not as moving away from such an understanding.
At about the same time, the opposite experimental result was being claimed by Thomas Digges in a work written in 1576 and entitled A Perfit Description of the Celestiall Orbs according to the Most Ancient Doctrine of the Pythagoreans.
Many thanks to Jarda Dostal for convincing me to take on this manuscript, to Mike Perfit and Brendan Murphy for supportive reviews, and to Georgia PePiper for nurturing this igneous petrology series.
Jamie Kelly was the first to go over after just two minutes with William Perfit adding the goal.
In Daborne's letters to Henslowe, he mentions "some papers I haue sent you though not so fayr written all as I could wish," and attempts to prove that he has not broken a contract by sending him "the foule sheet & the fayr I was wrighting" and promising that he "will not fayle to write this fayr & perfit the book.
There, where the likes of Stew Turley, Bud Perfit, Frank Newman and Wayne Harris once ruled the company, executives from CVS Corp.
del periodico El Universal, fue enviado a Washington y entrevisto a Jeanine Perfit, secretaria de Keith E.
30) Thomas Floyd in The Picture of a Perfit Commonwealth (1600) was even more emphatic.