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a.1.(Biol.) Of or pertaining to a nucleus; situated around a nucleus; as, the perinuclear protoplasm.
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In focal areas, smaller cells with clear cytoplasm and perinuclear halos reminiscent of oligodendroglia were observed.
T-cell lymphoma demonstrated unusual, dotlike perinuclear positivity for CD68 in the Golgi zone of neoplastic cells (Figure 2, C and D).
Because both COX-2 and mPGES-1 are present in the perinuclear membrane, (14) colocalization of these two enzymes in the same subcellular compartment may allow efficient transfer of the unstable substrate [PGH.
Nuclei were enlarged, round to oval, with granular chromatin, inconspicuous nucleoli, frequent nuclear grooves and occasional intranuclear inclusions along with perinuclear halos (Figure 1c).
El estadio IIIb, el ovocito (146,7 [+ o -] 48,8 [micro]m de diametro, n = 3) presento el ovoplasma perinuclear vacuolado y estuvo rodeado por la membrana vitelina PAS positiva.
CA, cortical alveoli; AF, atretic follicle; BM, basement membrane; F, follicle cell; FG, full-grown oocyte; LO, leptotene oocytes; N, nucleus; NU, perinuclear nucleoli; OF, ovarian follicle; OG, oogonium; OL, ovarian lumen; PF, prefollicle cells; PG, primary growth oocyte; PO, pachytene oocyte; SG, secondary growth oocyte; Y, yolk globule; ZP, zona pellucida.
GIST shares clinincal, macroscopic, demographic and histologic features like nuclear palisading but perinuclear vacuolization is not seen in gastric schwannoma.
Paraptosis, has been characterized by chromatin condensation, cytoplasmic vacuolization, numerous small vacuoles created in the cytoplasm, widened perinuclear space, and mitochondrial vesiculation and mitochondrial swelling (Sperandio et al.
As known, GISTs are composed of spindle cells with prominent perinuclear vacuolization and may mimic smooth muscle tumors.
7%, todos los casos presentaron el diagnostico de LIE de bajo grado; y el diagnostico histologico significativo fue halo claro perinuclear, representando el 100% de las muestras examinadas.
A further workup was initiated to rule out any connective tissue disorders, and antinuclear antibody (quantitative), cytoplasmic antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, and serum cryoglobulins were found to be normal.