Period of incubation

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(Med.) the period which elapses between exposure to the causes of an infectious disease and the attack resulting from it; the time during which an infective agent must grow in the body before producing overt symptoms of disease.

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Coming from eggs in which they have lain for five years, the period of incubation, they step forth into the world perfectly developed except in size.
For the almost one-month period of incubation, the hen had no social life.
The effect of the essential oils in direct contact with the pathogen also varied over the long period of incubation, for inhibition of 50% of the spore germination ([CL.
For the two experiments, all plants were evaluated for five weeks, recording the following epidemiologic components: a) period of incubation (PI), corresponding to the number of days between inoculation and appearance of the first symptoms; and b) severity of the disease (SEV), determined using a diagrammatic scale (Nascimento et al.
The questionnaire also included specific questions exploring the knowledge, such as rate of mortality, period of incubation, and way of spreading.
During entire period of incubation accumulated CO2 was trapped and recorded using alkali absorption method.
After an initial period of incubation, the institute has reportedly begun preliminary training for around 100,000 of Dubai's blue collar workers - representing the first phase of its activities.
Similarity in iDM and iNDF rates at the last period of incubation suggests that differences in initial times for nylon may be related to high rates of ruminal degradation of alfafa plus a greater fluidity of the material when compared with F57 and TNT.
Twenty ml medium was poured in each Petri plate and was inoculated with 5 mm disc of ten day old culture grown on PDA, incubated at 26 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C for different period of incubation, mycelial growth and sclerotia formation was measured.
73%) for the same period of incubation when initial phosphorus level was increased up to 140 g g-1.