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peripheral device


peripheral unit

(Computer Science) computing any device, such as a disk, printer, modem, or screen, concerned with input/output, storage, etc. Often shortened to: peripheral
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Noun1.peripheral device - (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of a computerperipheral device - (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of a computer; "disk drives and printers are important peripherals"
data input device, input device - a device that can be used to insert data into a computer or other computational device
electronic equipment - equipment that involves the controlled conduction of electrons (especially in a gas or vacuum or semiconductor)
output device - electronic or electromechanical equipment connected to a computer and used to transfer data out of the computer in the form of text, images, sounds, or other media
printer - (computer science) an output device that prints the results of data processing
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
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A SIL-2 certified, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programmable automation controller provides the HVAC system intelligence for the SSM-designed air handler and the peripheral unit heaters, exhaust fans and dampers.
All screening programs are time-consuming and labor-intensive especially in a peripheral unit with sparse specialized ophthalmology units, uncomfortable to the infants, cause anxiety to the parents and sometimes lead to an extended stay at nurseries.
The 3050 CVG includes Daimer[R]'s Gum Exterminator[R] peripheral unit that consists of a steam-based gum extraction system, a scrubbing unit and gum dissolver chemical.
Also, they are often integrated into the system as a peripheral unit thus incurring significant communication cost leading to performance degradation.
The versatile unit can operate in three modes--integrated into the PharmASSIST Symphony as a manual fill station for countable medications, as a peripheral unit integrated to augment the manual filling station with low-cost counting technology, or as a stand-alone unit.
Research firm Cahners In-Stat expects peripheral unit volumes to triple in 1999 over last year's figure "marking the beginning of a significant adoption of IEEE 1394 across a variety of products.
Integrated into that unit, Daimer[R] added a gum removal peripheral unit composed of a floor steaming squeegee, a no rust steel bristle unit, and a super concentrated gum solvent formula.
The WEGENER iPump 615 Streaming Media Decoder is a peripheral unit to iPump Media Servers, accepting streaming media and providing video and audio decoding at remote locations.
By parting with a peripheral unit, we'll be able to focus our attention on our core competencies in the field of automotive plug-in connectors and on our sales organization for satellite receiver technology.
Total quantity or scope: EDM: Peripheral Unit Standard ST type DX 1222 / 4-80buc, peripheral units 2008 (UP8) xPost transformation DX1215R-250buc, peripheral units 2008 (UP16) xPost-70buc transformation; ESD: Peripheral Unit Standard ST type DX 1222 / 4-30buc, peripheral units 2008 (UP8) xPost transformation DX1215R-120buc, peripheral units 2008 (UP16) xPost-5pcs transformation; EDB: Peripheral Unit Standard ST type DX 1222 / 4-100buc, peripheral units 2008 (UP8) xPost transformation DX1215R-140buc, peripheral units 2008 (UP16) xPost-5pcs transformation; Estimated value excluding VAT: 1,974,105 RON
In addition to extensive software, the NanoManipulator DP-100 system includes a high-performance, dual-processor graphics workstation connected to the SPM, a SensAble Technologies Phantom Desktop 6DOF interface and force-feedback device, and a dial and pushbutton peripheral unit.

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