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n.1.(Bot.) The outer covering of a spore.
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La structure fine de l'exospore et de la perispore des filicinees II.
triphylla were trilete, non-chlorophyllous, amber in colour, with slightly rugose perispore, and nearly rounded in shape, with little variation in size, 32.
The perispore was smooth, with small papillae, or reticulate.
Taxa Size of spore and Germination Filamentous perispore surface in days fase (days) Blechnum 37(41)49 x 24(27)31 6-10 2-5-cells- appendiculatum [micro]m [+ or -] long, cells 2, slightly cylindrical reticulated (14-20) perispore with small granules B.
Perispore morphology and the taxonomy of the Australian Aspleniaceae.
A multivariate morphological-anatomical analysis of the perispore in Aspleniaceae (Pteridophyta).
could be divided into three groups by their perispore ornamentation:
1991) suggest that the perispore is derived from the tapetum.
Perispore of meio/microspore: 0 = absent; 1 = thin, conforming to contours of exine; 2 = thick, forming contours of spore wall.
The plasmodium is enclosed by a membrane (the perispore membrane; Tiwari & Gunning, 1986b) surrounding the tetrads or young free microspores as shown in Tradescantia, Anigozanthos, and Hypaxis [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 8, 15, 59 OMITTED].