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Noun1.Peristedion - in some classifications the type genus of the subfamily Peristediinae: armored sea robins
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
family Triglidae, Triglidae - in some classifications restricted to the gurnards and subdivided into the subfamilies Triglinae (true sea robins) and Peristediinae (armored sea robins)
armored sea robin, armored searobin, Peristedion miniatum - sea robins having bony scutes on the body and barbels on the chin; found mostly on the continental slope
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The genus Peristedion, although speciose in the Western Atlantic, has only three previously known representatives along the Eastern Pacific coastline: P.
Peristedion nesium, new species Figures 1-4, Tables 1, 2.
Diagnosis: A species of Peristedion with very short (12.
Peristedion paucibarbiger Castro-Aguirre & Garcia-Dominguez 1984.
roseus, Bellator militaris, and Peristedion gracile.
These authors did not indicate the abundance of Peristedion gracile or Bellator militaris, which were the least common of the nine species collected in our study.