Permanent white

(Chem.) barium sulphate (heavy spar), used as a white pigment or paint, in distinction from white lead, which tarnishes and darkens from the formation of the sulphide.

See also: Permanent

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White House officials were notified by the FBI several times last year and this year about problems with Porter being able to receive a permanent White House security clearance.
If a homeowner wants a permanent white brick exterior, choosing a fired-clay white brick from the start eliminates future repainting and maintenance.
of permanent white pavement markings with reflective media; 27,010 sq.
As he braked, though, the permanent white road markings of the street circuit triggered the ABS system on his Scirocco and forced the car to run slightly too deep, slipping back to 10th place.
Stamm IV (adjunct professor of American Indian History, Idaho State University in Pocatello) presents People of the Wind River: The Eastern Shoshones 1825-1900, a historical chronicle of the Eastern Shoshones from 1825, when they came to mutual accommodations with the first permanent white American settlers in the their land, to 1900, when the passing of Chief Washakie heralded the end of their traditional lifestyle as Plains Indians.
As for the private spaces, the first lady's office provided a list Tuesday of dozens of pieces of artwork-on-loan that now supplement the hundreds of more traditional landscapes, portraits and still life paintings that dominate the permanent White House collection.
John Young UE (1742-1812), the first permanent white settler along the Grand River (1783).
The university professor of management at Antioch may be best known for his book, "Learning as a Way of Being: Strategies for Survival in a World of Permanent White Water.
The Dutch establish the first permanent white settlement in 1660, but English armiestake control in 1664.
Sodasorb LF also features a permanent white to violet color change as file product is consumed or in the event of desiccation, which eliminates the possible use of depleted absorbent.
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