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n. pl. per·mit·tiv·i·ties
A measure of the ability of a material to interact with an electric field and become polarized by the field, so that the field within the material is weaker than the field in the absence of the material. The permittivity of a material is the product of the dielectric constant of the material and the permittivity of a perfect vacuum, which is defined to be about 8.854 × 10-12 farad per meter.


n, pl -ties
(General Physics) a measure of the response of a substance to an electric field, expressed as the ratio of its electric displacement to the applied field strength; measured in farads per metre. Symbol: ε See also relative permittivity, electric constant


(ˌpɜr mɪˈtɪv ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
the ratio of the flux density produced by an electric field in a given dielectric to the flux density produced by that field in a vacuum.
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From this the following equation for the dielectrophoresis force on a small sphere of radius r of permitivity [[epsilon].
They concentrate on effective media, the type of metamaterial that can be characterized by a negative effective permitivity and/or permeability, the electronic properties of which can be revealed by a homogenization procedure.
Further reasearches will try to improve physical properties of [alpha]-quartz monocrystals, (like relative dielectric permitivity and infrared quality factor) by linking them to design and process parameters.
infinity]] is the limit to high frequencies of the real component of the complex permitivity, [epsilon]*, [omega] is the angular frequency, and a and b are shape parameters.
82 MPa ([degrees]F) Vicat Softening Point at Load 1 Kg [degrees]C([degrees]F) 5 Kg [degrees]C([degrees]F) Coefficient of Linear Thermal 1/[degrees]C Expansion (per [degrees]C) Mold Shrinkage % Electrical Properties Dielectric Strength kV/mm Volume Resistivity (dry) Ohm'cm Tracking Resistance (CTI) Sec High Voltage Arc Track Rate in/min Permitivity Relative -- (Dielectric Constant) -- at 60 Hz at [10.
where [Epsilon][double prime] represents the dielectric loss and [Epsilon][prime] the dielectric permitivity.