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(Bulgarian ˈpɛrnik)
(Placename) an industrial town in W Bulgaria, on the Struma River. Pop: 84 000 (2005 est). Former name (1949–62): Dimitrovo


(ˈpɛr nɪk)

a city in W Bulgaria, near Sofia. 97,225.
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Contract award: "services in waste collection and disposal of municipal waste in the municipality of pernik, maintaining cleanliness of public areas in summer and winter conditions of the urban areas of the municipality of pernik including snow removal.
August 18, the assumption of St Ivan Rilski, was designated as the miners' professional day 111 years ago with a decree of Tsar Ferdinand, issued on the proposal of miners from the western mining city of Pernik.
A crisis staff was formed in the town of Pernik, some 30 kilometres (20 miles) southwest of Sofia, where the epicentre of the shallow tremor was located, and police and firefighters were dispatched to the region, Tsvetanov told Focus press agency.
inhua journalists on the way to Pernik saw many Bulgarians drive their cars to open areas to avoid injuries, and cars lined up in long queues at a gasoline station.
org, brings together news from across the public health world and provides a forum for discussion and dialogue, said co-editor Audrey Pernik.
Following the mayhem at Gerena stadium on February 26, after which police vowed to crack down on any future disturbances, supporters of Minyor Pernik have become the first to bear the full brunt of the new rules.
Tenders are invited for Object of the contract: "Supply of medicines for the needs of the hospital" Rahila Angelova "AD, Pernik.
The investment in support of the technology at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions LSR facility in Pernik, in southwestern Bulgaria, is part of the groupas commitment to developing its LSR injection molding manufacturing footprint, Trelleborg said in a statement.
Swiss company Silcotech, aliquid silicon and engineering plastics molding specialist, has ramped up operations at its Bulgarian manufacturing site in Pernik, company manager Elisabeth Lange said.
Sofia (Bulgaria), August 3 (ANI): The second archaeological expedition to excavate the Bulgarian medieval fortress Krakra near the western city of Pernik has begun.
Bulgariaas Pernik Municipality seeks a short-term interest-free loan of BGN 5 M from the central budget in order to cope with debts.
The club has already signed Roumen Trifonov from Minyor Pernik.