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 (pə-rōn′, pĕ-), Juan Domingo 1895-1974.
Argentine soldier and president (1946-1955 and 1973-1974). His second wife, (Maria) Eva Duarte de Perón (1919-1952), known as "Evita," was popular for her charitable works. Perón was succeeded in office by his third wife, Maria Estela Martínez de Perón (born 1931), known as "Isabelita," who was ousted by the military in 1976.


(Spanish peˈrɔn)
1. (Biography) Juan Domingo (xwan doˈmɪnɡo). 1895–1974, Argentine soldier and statesman; dictator (1946–55). He was deposed in 1955, remaining in exile until 1973, when he was elected president (1973–74)
2. (Biography) his third wife, María Estella (maˈria esˈteʎa), known as Isabel. born 1931, president of Argentina (1974–76); deposed
3. (Biography) (María) Eva (Duarte) de Perón (ˈeβa), known as Evita. Second wife of Juan Domingo Perón. 1919–52, Argentine film actress: active in politics and social welfare (1946–52)
Peˈronist n, adj


(pəˈroʊn, peɪ-)

1. Eva Duarte de, 1919–52, Argentine political figure (wife of Juan Perón).
2. Juan (Domingo), 1895–1974, president of Argentina 1946–55, 1973–74.
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Noun1.Peron - Argentine soldier who became president of Argentina (1895-1974)
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His victory delivered a hammer-blow to the Peronist movement that has dominated Argentine politics for much of the past 70 years and which will be ready to pounce on him if his planned reforms to the fragile economy unleash a new crisis.
Long considered the underdog, Macri narrowly beat Daniel Scioli, the Peronist candidate endorsed by President Cristina Fern'e1ndez de Kirchner.
In Sunday's election, Argentina's voters broke the pattern: for the first time in almost a century, the president will not be a Peronist, a Radical, or an army general.
Macri's victory is the first in more than a decade for Argentina's centreA[degrees]right opposition and ends the 12A[degrees]year rule of the Peronist Party.
Investors have signalled their approval with the Merval, the Buenos Aires stock exchange index, surging 25 per cent since first round results were declared and it became clear his Peronist rival did not have enough support.
Francis related his involvement with the Peronist movement, and while he never formally joined any political party, he said that the similarities he detected between "aspects of the Peronist doctrine and the Church's social doctrine" helped lay his spiritual foundation.
This recovery, linked to the Peronist administrations in power since 2003 that claimed legitimacy from those groups, has been framed as part of a massive popular movement that was brutally interrupted by the military regime.
The article, titled "The Peronist pope," took a critical view of Francis' Latin America tour, suggesting that the pope is perhaps "overplaying his hand politically.
Geopolitical risk increases uncertainty, erodes consumer confidence, capex and FDI, as is obvious in Putin's Russia, post-Thaksin Thailand, Bolivarian Venezuela and Peronist Argentina.
of the Peronist Party (Corrientes) said: "We condemn the Israeli offensive on
Yet today, according to the Latin America scholar Michael Cohen, "most of Argentine society is Peronist.
Exit polls cited by local television said her wing of the Peronist party would not win in Buenos Aires province, home to 40 percent of the nation's 30 million-plus voters.