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 (kŏn′sŏl, kən-sŏl′)
often consols A government bond in Great Britain, originally issued in 1751, that pays perpetual interest and has no date of maturity. Also called bank annuity.

[Short for Consolidated Annuity.]


(ˈkɒnsɒl; kənˈsɒl)
(Banking & Finance) (usually plural) an irredeemable British government security carrying an annual interest rate of two and a half or four per cent. Also called: bank annuity
[short for consolidated stock]




A long-range radio aid to navigation, the emissions of which, by means of their radio frequency modulation characteristics, enable bearings to be determined.
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The United Arab Emirates was a key player in terms of corporate bond issuances this quarter with prominent issuances such as the $750 million Additional Tier 1 Perpetual Bond by National Bank of Abu Dhabi carrying a coupon of 5.
National Bank of Abu Dhabi issued a $750 million additional tier 1 perpetual bond at a coupon of 5.
75 billion perpetual bond from Hutchison Whampoa Europe Finance and the 10- and 30-year bonds from Pertamina of US$1.
Another international issue was the perpetual bond issued by the investment bank of Abu Dhabi in the same amount of $1.
State-controlled VTB raised $1 billion in perpetual bond this summer in a first deal of its kind in Russia, which will improve its Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio by up to 1 percentage point.
Our cross on the ballot paper is a perpetual bond with each government we elect.
25bps below the original issue; and the perpetual bond issue, with a yield of 7.
Brazil's GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes (NYSE: GOL and Bovespa: GOLL4) has been awarded the Latin American "Deal of the Year" for its 2006 perpetual bond offering.
Renaissance Group successfully priced a dual-currency subordinated perpetual bond issuance.
Muscat: BankDhofar has set initial price thoughts (IPT) for a $300 million no-grow, non-call five-year perpetual bond issue in the seven per cent area, according to lead managers.