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n. Slang
A pervert.

[Short for pervert.]

perv′y adj.


adj, pervier or perviest
informal Brit sexually perverted


[ˈpɜːrvi] adj (British)vicelard(e)
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What you have are pervy old men who want to be seen with pretty young women - and are prepared to cough up, either in treats, gifts, or cash.
Stars Cathy Belton - who plays Patricia Hennessy - and Sean Mahon - who plays pervy Gda Brian McGonigle - marked the launch with BBC daytime controller Dan McGolpin at the TV giant's London HQ.
The only thing that changes is the hair colour of the one good-looking girl the pervy cameraman manages to pick out in the crowd.
For example, whenever Mary Berry acts surprised at the proficiency of the croquembouche that's been laid out before her and blurts out, "Well, blow me" this is in no way meant to come across as pervy.
Donny argues that if Lachlan stays, he will always be known as "the pervy kid".
Moscow-based Spetssetroibank and Pervy Depozitny Bank and Severnaya Lkirinovaya Palata, based in Arkhangelsk, lost their licenses after the bank said that their operations were risky.
Everyone is 'outraged' by Alison Gold's 'Shush Up,' the latest pervy pre-teen video from Patrice Wilson," writes (http://www.
Cheetah or leopard were suggested in exchange for the cub," animal advocate Konstantin Sabinin told the Russian Pervy Kanal (First TV Channel).
They made me up to look older so it didn't seem pervy.
He looks older than 36, and the whole thing was disturbingly pervy and sleazy.
Russia's state-controlled Pervy Kanal (Channel One) flagship channel led its morning news broadcast with the allegations that activists had met the Georgian MP in Tbilisi to discuss the results of an anti-Vladimir Putin protest on May 6.
On ne sait pas vraiment si le projet d'un attentat etait reel ou pas, mais on est sur du fait que Pervy Kanal l'a annonce six jours avant l'election presidentielle.