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 (pĕs′tə-lŏt′sē, -tä-lōt′-), Johann Heinrich 1746-1827.
Swiss educational reformer whose teaching theories, based on respect and attention to the individual, laid the foundation for the reform of education in the 1800s.


(Biography) Johann Heinrich (joˈhan ˈhainrɪç). 1746–1827, Swiss educational reformer. His emphasis on learning by observation exerted a wide influence on elementary education


(ˌpɛs tlˈɒt si)

Johann Heinrich, 1746–1827, Swiss educator.
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The albert schweitzer community school has been expanded and refurbished several times since the first construction in 1955 and forms on the large property next to the landscape park grtt already a school landscape with the pestalozzi school and the wintersbuck sports hall and together with the vocational schools of the district a "education mile ".
As imagens nos livros comecam a se fazer presentes com mais intensidade nas obras de autores que seguem o metodo intuitivo, por isso torna-se relevante lancar um olhar sobre esse metodo, principalmente a partir das teorizacoes de Pestalozzi e seus comentadores.
Influencia de los postulados de Jean Jacques Rousseau, Johan Heinrich Pestalozzi, Antonio Rosmini-Serbati, Johann Friedrich Herbart y Karl Marx sobre las Teorias de la Educacion de Siglos XX y XXI
Put together with Swiss art gallery Kunsthalle Zurich, The Playground Project is presented as an historical examination of play and playgrounds with a real sandpit, a climbing frame and other attractions including the Lozziwurm, a tubular 'play sculpture' designed in 1972 by Yvan Pestalozzi.
Kelz also reveals that despite Zweig's refusal to become the poster-boy for German-Jewish exiles in the Argentine media, he did speak out about his commitment to the humanist cause in a recorded message left for the Pestalozzi school in Buenos Aires, one of the few educational institutions in the country to resist National Socialist influence.
La ciencia de la pedagogia suele apartarse de la politica educativa porque toda la sabiduria de Emannuel Kant, de Enrique Pestalozzi, de Enrique Rebsamen y de Maria Montessori no puede aplicarse directamente sino que llega a los ninos a traves de los maestros del SNTE y de la CNTE.
This edition has been updated and includes new pioneers (Alec Clegg, Loris Malaguzzi, and Chris Athey); revised and updated conversations featuring Robert Owen, Susan Isaacs, Johann Pestalozzi, Jean Piaget, Friedrich Froebel, and Rudolf Steiner; and new conversations with Peter Clough, Susan Isaacs, Maria Montessori, Margaret McMillan, Charlotte Mason, and Cathy Nutbrown.
Beatty credits Pestalozzi as being "the first European educator to develop pedagogical methods consciously derived from experimentation with real children" (Beatty 1995, 9).
El primero, expresado por Pestalozzi y Froebel, representa la continuidad y contiguidad entre casa y jardin, y ha tenido fuerte pregnancia en las instituciones de Nivel Inicial.
Trohler, Daniel: Pestalozzi y la educacionalizacion del mundo, Barcelona, Octaedro Editorial, 2014, 232 pp.
Pestalozzi asumio la estimulacion de los sentidos como el punto de partida y el componente central de un proceso educativo.
Declaring that he would not deny any undiscovered Pestalozzi chances in life, he stayed on unofficially for the next 10 years, fighting his case, still teaching, misunderstood by the authorities and adored by his students.