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n.1.See Petard.
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Brenner M, Rosenmeier MF, Hodell DA, Curtis JH, Anselmetti F, Ariztegui D (2002) Limnologia y Paleolimnologia de Peten, Guatemala.
In addition New World confirmed that it is holding discussions with potential farm-in partners looking to participate in the company's assets, including the 420 sq km Blue Creek Project in the Peten Basin, Belize and the Danica Jutland and Danica Resources Projects, totalling 10,507 sq km, in the South Permian Basin in Denmark.
The contract has been signed to acquire certain confidential data, and an option to acquire an 80 percent interest in an exploration and production contract located in the Southern Peten Basin of Guatemala.
Systematic of the fish Petenia splendida (Perciformes: Cichlidae) of Lake Peten Itza, Guatemala.
For some of the farmers and ranchers, just getting to the meeting in the capital of the state of Peten, Guatemala, was an ordeal.
The first, and most influential on a personal level, was Vincent Pescatore, an American who was building orphanages in the jungles of Peten, Guatemala's northernmost state, bordered by Belize to the east and Mexico to the north and west.
Stay in the nearby island village of Flores in the middle of Lake Peten and have a stopover in Guatemala City and dance the night away at Genetic, the country's biggest gay venue.
Andres Granier Melo, y del Departamento de El Peten, Carlos Antonio Kuelyn Morales.
En el caso mas reciente, miembros del Consejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas (Conap), de la Policia y el Ejercito, fueron retenidos varios dias en junio por un grupo fuertemente armado en la Sierra del Lacandon, en El Peten, fronterizo con Mexico.
Guatemala has renamed an airport located in the northern province of Peten.
The discovery of two huge mask-like statues at a 2,000-year-old Maya site in the ancient city of Cival, in the Peten region of Guatemala, have led archaeologists to conclude that Maya culture was more advanced than was previously thought.
Excavations at three sites in Guatemala's Peten rain forest have revealed previously unknown facets of both the early and later stages of ancient Maya civilization.