Petition of right

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(Law) a petition to obtain possession or restitution of property, either real or personal, from the Crown, which suggests such a title as controverts the title of the Crown, grounded on facts disclosed in the petition itself.

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Such was the Petition of Right assented to by Charles I.
Chapter 1, "Rights, Prerogatives and Law: The Petition of Right," investigates the acute constitutional issues driving the 1628 Petition of Right and their enactment on the stage.
For centuries the petition of right became a pivotal device in the fight for freedom in England as Parliament gradually wrested power from the monarchy.
He named Magna Carta (1215), Petition of Right, (1628) and the Bill of Rights (1689) in support.
The president had now claimed the same power as the king before the adoption of the Petition of Right in 1628.