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For Stelladi, all we know, different from representational thinking is suspended thinking which rests neither in representation nor anything else and this differs from Heidegger's dreams of phantomatic, nonlogical and nonrepresentational thinking.
For them, Paris no longer appears as a city of present and future possibilities, but as a museum of the literary past, an open-air library of phantomatic references.
Schrader A, 2010, "Responding to Pfiesteria piscicida (the fish killer): phantomatic ontologies, indeterminacy and responsibility in toxic microbiology" Social Studies of Science 40 275-306
35) In his editor's note to Nicolas Abraham's essay Nicolas Rand explains: 'Abraham's theory of the phantom enlarges upon Freud's metapsychology by suggesting that the unsettling disruptions in the psychic life of one person can adversely and unconsciously affect someone else [in the form of] ventriloquism and calls it a phantom, a haunting, or a phantomatic haunting' in The Shell and the Kernel, p.