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 (făr′ĭ-sā-ĭz′əm) also phar·i·see·ism (-sē-ĭz′əm)
1. Pharisaism also Phariseeism The doctrines and practices of the Pharisees.
2. Hypocritical observance of the letter of religious or moral law without regard for the spirit; sanctimoniousness.


(ˈfærɪseɪˌɪzəm) or


1. (Judaism) Judaism the tenets and customs of the Pharisees
2. (often not capital) observance of the external forms of religion without genuine belief; hypocrisy


(ˈfær ə seɪˌɪz əm)

also Phar•i•see•ism

(-siˌɪz əm)

1. the principles and practices of the Pharisees.
2. (l.c.) pharisaic character, behavior, or practice; sanctimoniousness.
Phar′i•sa•ist, adj.

Phariseeism, Pharisaism

1. the beliefs and practices of an ancient Jewish sect, especially strictness of religious observance, close adherence to oral laws and traditions, and belief in an afterlife and a coming Messiah. Cf. Sadducecism.
2. (l.c.) the behavior of a sanctimonious and self-righteous person. — Pharisee, pharisee n. — Pharisaic, pharisaic, adj.
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A show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess:
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In all the new-fangled comprehensive plans which I see, this is all left out; and the consequence is, that your great mechanics' institutes end in intellectual priggism, and your Christian young men's societies in religious Pharisaism.
The first section is devoted to helping the reader understand the development of Pharisaism and the popularity of that movement during the time of Christ.
This will come not with the continuation of the reputed pillars and those who side with triumphant Jewish Pharisaism.
He also believed that many of the contemporary spokesmen for monarchical "legitimism," aristocracy, and Catholicism were tainted by hypocrisy and Pharisaism.
First of all, to the degree to which the historical evidence presented in the New Testament texts is reasonably historically accurate--and I am confident those reading this essay are somewhat familiar to a greater or lesser measure with the concerns raised by historians of that period (for example, the misreading of Pharisaism and the lack of awareness of the various Pharisaic groups in evidence at the time, the lack of address of the Sadducees and their involvement with both the Jewish and Roman hierarchies, etc.
But whereas in the Greek world this notion often served to negate the written law, Pharisaism used the oral law to "make a fence for the Torah.
He founded a virtual academy of Pharisaism to train his followers to say only: "Tell me my duties, and I will do them.
Levin's strange feeling is more than mere Pharisaism, since he personifies it with the image of his friend Svyazhsky.
In summary, our conclusions so far on the way to the theory that what we see in Matthew's community is very much related to Pharisees and Pharisaism are as follows:
Thus Yoder seamlessly moves from the notion that pre-mishnaic pharisaism, as represented by Rabbi Yo_anan ben Zakkai was "non-violent" in substance to an assumption that this means that it manifested a "continuing missionary openness.
3007E (1681; EEB, reel 1158:27), 11-12, 27; An Essay on Hypocrasie and Pharisaism, Wing E.
In Maxwell's opinion, one of the reasons for the long delay in the correction of Catholic teaching on slavery seems to have been "that the use of charismatic gifts by the Catholic laity has normally not been accepted as a means of putting right social injustices and providing a remedy for unjust pharisaism and legalism.