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tr.v. pha·ryn·gea·lized, pha·ryn·gea·liz·ing, pha·ryn·gea·liz·es
To articulate (a sound such as a dental fricative or stop) with an accompanying constriction of the pharynx.
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Chomsky and Halle (1968), however, declared PSA too radical a model to account adequately for palatalisation, velarisation and pharyngealisation processes, or for the underlying symmetry between palatalisation and front vowels as well as between velarisation and back vowels.
14) Residual pharyngealisation retained after the loss of the coronal gesture may be responsible for the phonetic alterations (lowering, retraction, diphthongisation with a fairly open [e]-glide) affecting vowels originally followed by tautosyllabic /r/ in non-rhotic accents of English.