Phaseolus coccineus

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Noun1.Phaseolus coccineus - tropical American bean with red flowers and mottled black beans similar to Phaseolus vulgaris but perennial; a preferred food bean in Great Britain
pole bean - a climbing bean plant that will climb a wall or tree or trellis
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hampei, se evaluaron extractos proteinicos de semillas de plantas no-huesped como: Lupinus bogotensis, Brachiaria humidicola, Amaranthus hypochondriacus, Phaseolus acutifolius, Phaseolus coccineus, Hyptis suaveolens, Centrosema pubescens y Trifolium repens.
ASETSFSFQRFVETNLILQR 75 (Anasazi Beans) Phaseolus coccineus lectin (22-41) ASETSFSFDRFNETNLILQU 65 Phaseolus acutifolius lectin (25-44) ANDISFNFQRFNETNLILQG 60
Phaseolus coccineus, as it is more correctly known, originated in Central America and wild relatives can still be found in parts of Mexico.
When the scarlet runner bean, Phaseolus coccineus, was first introduced from Mexico it was grown purely as a decorative plant and was regarded as an exotic and tender thing.
Effect of ovule position on seed production, seed weight, and progeny Perfomance in Phaseolus coccineus L.