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A former island in the Nile River of southeast Egypt. Site of many ancient temples and monuments, it was particularly noted for its temple dedicated to Isis. The construction of the first dam at Aswan (1899-1934) caused the island to be seasonally inundated, and in the 1970s its structures were moved to another nearby island.


(Placename) an island in Upper Egypt, in the Nile north of the Aswan Dam: of religious importance in ancient times; almost submerged since the raising of the level of the dam


(ˈfaɪ li)

an island in the Nile, in Upper Egypt: the site of ancient temples; now submerged by the waters of Lake Nasser.
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The design of Rosetta and Philae is done in such a way that it watches the comet make its way towards the sun in about a years' time.
In the Philae Temple theirs is the depiction of Isis, the eternal mother, matron of nature.
In Aswan you will see the High Dam and the Philae Temple, the Aga Khan's Mausoleum and the Botanical Gardens.
COMET lander Philae has "hopped" into a better position to rescue the historic mission.
Philae space probe has already sent back stunning images of the comet it was sent to survey, but its operations THE Philae space probe has already sent back stunning images of the comet it was sent to survey, but its operations could be seriously jeopardised.
History was made when the Philae robotic space ship.
PHILAE, the European spacecraft that made an historic descent to and landing on a comet, is resting at an angle in the shadow of a crater wall more than half-a-mile from its planned landing site, scientists believe.
European Space Agency (ESA) mission controllers clapped, cheered and hugged each other after receiving confirmation that the Philae probe had landed yesterday.
Ulamec said thrusters that were meant to push the lander, called Philae, onto the surface, and harpoons that would have anchored it to the comet failed to deploy properly.
The lander, named Philae, will drift through space, tugged only slightly by the gravity of the comet, commonly called 67R Mission scientists will be holding their breath for what could be several anxiety-filled hours to see if Philae lands where and how it's supposed to.
Philae Island Philae is an island off Aswan and it is home to one of the most spectacular sites of the Nile a the Temple of Philae.
And data just released from the comet lander Philae bring a firsthand account from the surface of a comet (Page 13).