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n. pl. phi·lan·thro·pies
1. The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.
2. Love of humankind in general.
3. Something, such as an activity or institution, intended to promote human welfare.

[Late Latin philanthrōpia, from Greek, from philanthrōpos, humane, benevolent : phil-, philo-, philo- + anthrōpos, man, mankind.]

phi·lan′thro·pist n.


(fɪˈlæn θrə pɪst)

a person who practices philanthropy.
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Noun1.philanthropist - someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-beingphilanthropist - someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being
bestower, conferrer, donor, giver, presenter - person who makes a gift of property


noun humanitarian, patron, benefactor, giver, donor, contributor, altruist, almsgiver He is a philanthropist and patron of the arts.
مُحْسِن، مُحِب للبَشَر
mannvinur; góîgerîarmaîur
insansever kimse


[fɪˈlænθrəpɪst] Nfilántropo/a m/f


[fɪˈlænθrəpɪst] nphilanthrope m/f


nMenschenfreund(in) m(f), → Philanthrop(in) m(f) (geh)


[fɪˈlænθrəpɪst] nfilantropo/a


(fiˈlanθrəpi) noun
love for mankind, usually as shown by money given to, or work done for, other people. He shows his philanthropy by helping people who have been in prison.
philanthropic (filənˈθropik) adjective
giving money or other help etc to others. a philanthropic person; a philanthropic act.
phiˈlanthropist noun
a philanthropic person.
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The event took place in the presence of John McCarter, Chair of the Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents, Senator Patrick Leahy, David Rubenstein, co-Founder of The Carlyle Group and philantropist, Richard Kurin, American Anthropologist and Under Secretary for Museums and Research at the Smithsonian Institution.
On February 27, 2015, the USPinoys for Good Governance (USP4GG), led by its Chairperson, prominent New York-based philantropist Loida Nicolas Lewis, hosted a dinner for about a hundred prominent overseas Filipinos at a Fil-Ams Makati penthouse.
Bill Gates, the software writer who became a billionaire is now regarded as the world's leading philantropist.
aFor me life is mitzva a a good deed in the name of God,a the Jewish philantropist told BNT television.