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A city of ancient Macedon, in the northeast of present-day Greece, near the Aegean Sea. It was the site of Antony and Octavian's decisive defeat of Brutus and Cassius in 42 bc.

Phi·lip′pi·an (-lĭp′ē-ən) adj. & n.


(fɪˈlɪpaɪ; ˈfɪlɪ-)
(Placename) an ancient city in NE Macedonia: scene of the victory of Antony and Octavian over Brutus and Cassius (42 bc)


(fɪˈlɪp aɪ, ˈfɪl əˌpaɪ)

a ruined city in NE Greece, in Macedonia: Octavian and Mark Antony defeated Brutus and Cassius here, 42 B.C.
Phi•lip′pi•an (-i ən) adj., n.
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Noun1.Philippi - a city in ancient Macedonia that was important in early ChristianityPhilippi - a city in ancient Macedonia that was important in early Christianity
2.Philippi - Octavian and Mark Antony defeated Brutus and Cassius in 42 BC
Macedonia - landlocked republic on the Balkan Peninsula; achieved independence from Yugoslavia in 1991
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The drug had no discriminating action; it was neither diabolical nor divine; it but shook the doors of the prisonhouse of my disposition; and like the captives of Philippi, that which stood within ran forth.
Then we meet again at Philippi," cried Raffles in gay adieu.
The poor old sheik we saw at Cesarea Philippi with his ragged band of a hundred followers, would have been called a "king" in those ancient times.
He had been in several engagements, such as they were-- at Philippi, Rich Mountain, Carrick's Ford and Greenbrier--and had borne himself with such gallantry as not to attract the attention of his superior officers.
If we may trust the observations of Philippi in Sicily, the successive changes in the marine inhabitants of that island have been many and most gradual.
It is told of Brutus, that when he fell on his sword after the battle of Philippi, he quoted a line of Euripides,--"O Virtue
42 BC: Brutus, whose army was crushed by Anthony and Octavian at Philippi, committed suicide by falling on his own sword.
22, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has selected Chief of Police Jeffery Walters, of the Philippi (WV) Police Department, as the recipient of its Officer of the Month Award for October 2015.
BCBank serves individuals and businesses with three branch offices in Philippi, Nutter Fort and Fairmont.
However, Philippi did not have a synagogue, because few Jews lived there.
Philippi, would continue to be cornerstones of the business, the company said.
Jakobine received training from the AIDS Care Trust, NA WA Life Trust and Philippi Trust.