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n.1.A Philistine; - a cant name given to townsmen by students in German universities.
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The court only upheld the nomination of Ms Philister Atieno, who was picked to represent special interest group.
While his homestead was unfenced during my first visits to Kaleko in 2009, William, a well-known jaduong' (honourable elder), had decided to fence it between April 2014 and February 2015 when I returned to attend the funeral of his mother, the late Philister Achieng.
In German universities in the late 17th century, philister was used as a derisive slang term for local townspeople--i.
Rather than provide a literal translation, Horschitz opts for the following metaphor: "[Slag, daft du nicht unter die Philister gegangen bist" [Say that you have not gone under the Philistines] (189).
Das Wort Philister ist bekanntlich dem Studentenleben entnommen und bezeichnet in seinem weiteren, doch ganz popularen Sinne den Gegensatz des Musensohnes, des Kunstlers, des achten Kulturmenschen.
Juden, Philister und romantische Intellektuelle: Uberlegungen zum Antisemitismus in der Romantik.
Matthew Arnold first used the word in this sense by adapting it from the German Philister, the term applied by the university students to the townspeople, or " outsiders.
2) This material stems from an ethnographic-cum-historical study on which the author worked with Kenneth Ombongi, Maureen Malowany, Philister Madiega and Ruth Prince.
Der biblische David hat sich--unter anderem--im Kampf gegen die Philister unter Fuhrung von Goliath einen Namen gemacht.
Thanks to Philister Adhiambo Madiega for conversations and her generous hospitality over many years.
Nor did he shrink from coarse satire on Jews (and other targets) in his Der Philister vor, in und nach der Geschichte, though there, as Vordermayer stresses, he was under the influence of his friend Arnim.