Phillips head

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Phil′lips head`

a screw head having two partial slots crossed at right angles, driven by a special screwdriver (Phil′lips screw′driver).
[1930–35; after trademark Phillips Screws]
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The 3/16-inch Slot and #1 Phillips head screwdrivers are great for bow sights and arrow rests.
An extended bit with a flat head and Phillips head enables access into tight places and doubles as a diamond-coated file featuring a concave, convex and flat sharpening surface.
Attic Trac Plus[TM] is packaged as a complete kit with no further wood or hardware purchase required, and installs in minutes, even for a novice, with just a tape measure, pencil and a Phillips head screwdriver.
Meanwhile, Eleri Sion and Rowland Phillips head for Trimsaran to find out what the people in Davies's home town think of their local rugby legend - does he deserve a memorial to commemorate his career?
HELEN PHILLIPS Head of International Trade Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry