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Noun1.Philomachus - ruffsPhilomachus - ruffs          
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Scolopacidae, Scolopacidae - sandpiper family: sandpipers; woodcocks; snipes; tattlers; curlews; godwits; dowitchers
Philomachus pugnax, ruff - common Eurasian sandpiper; the male has an erectile neck ruff in breeding season
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Genetic polymorphism for alternative mating behaviour in lekking male Ruff Philomachus pugnax.
Scolopacidae Actitis hypoleucos Common sandpiper Calidris minuta Little stint Philomachus pugnax Ruff Tringa glareola Wood sandpiper 35.
tricolor (Vieillot), Wilson's I R phalarope Philomachus pugnax (Linnaeus), I R ruff Scolopax minor Gmelin, American I O woodcock Tringa flavipes (Gmelin), lesser I O yellowlegs T.