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n.1.(Phren.) The love of offspring; fondness for children.
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Gentlemen are sometimes seized with sudden fits of admiration for the young relatives of ladies whom they honor with their regard, but this counterfeit philoprogenitiveness sits uneasily upon them, and does not deceive anybody a particle.
One list included the following (4): Amativeness Philoprogenitiveness Inhabitiveness Adhesiveness Combativeness Destructiveness Secretiveness Acquisitiveness Constructiveness Self-esteem Love of approbation Cautiousness Benevolence Veneration Firmness Conscientiousness Hope Marvelousness Ideality Gaiety or Mirthfulness Imitation Individuality Configuration Size Weight and Resistance Coloring Locality Calculation Order Eventuality Time Melody Language Comparison Causality
In Dutch painting only Caspar Netscher captured better, and was more captivated by, small children than Pieter de Hooch, who left seven children, although his philoprogenitiveness can scarcely have eased the lifelong poverty in which he died in an Amsterdam asylum.