n.1.A philosophical proposition, doctrine, or principle of reasoning.
This, the most venerable, and perhaps the most ancient, of Grecian myths, is a philosopheme.
- Coleridge.
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In his own time, Adorno recognized the epitome of identity thinking in the way that the Nazis judged their victims as valueless and killed them: "Auschwitz confirmed the philosopheme of pure identity as death.
IMBACH, Ut ait Rabbi Moyses: Maimonidesche Philosopheme bei Thomas von Aquin und Meister Eckhart, "Collectanea Franciscana" 60 (1990) 105-6.
First, following Derrida (2002: 338), such structural instability may be the product of the success of the UNESCO philosopheme in exploiting its endemic propensity towards hybridity and consequently constantly exceeding and transforming its original GrecoRoman structure in new and unpredictable ways.
In 1923, he composed his longest theoretical piece on the performing arts, assembled out of his lectures for actors at the Kamerny, "A Philosopheme about the Theater.
Dans le meilleur des cas, je me dis que le poeme pourrait etre l'avenir du philosopheme.
What makes this thesis so provocative is that against the explicit goal of the first Critique--to ground scientific laws on the firm foundation of synthetic a priori judgments--the post-critical philosopheme that Kant helps to install in the form of the correlationist circle absolutely restricts the capacity of science to make any absolute claims whatsoever.
Como ejemplo de su temprana concepcion del mito puede tomarse el escrito Uber Mythen, historische Sagen und Philosopheme der altesten Welt (1793), cuya primera seccion introduce el concepto de "historia mitica", basada exclusivamente en la Tradition, lo cual le sirve para desarrollar clasificaciones elementales, aun deudoras de criterios racionalistas.
El segundo texto en el que nos centraremos sera en Ueber Mythen, historische Sagen und Philosopheme der altesten Welt.
The attitude is by no means confined to the popular use of 'rhetoric' but is in fact a recurrent philosophical topos, a philosopheme that may well be constitutive of philosophical language itself.
As I've suggested, "translation" would appear then to anticipate a Derridean philosopheme that would come to have more importance in his work, namely Europe's "other heading.
The death of Man is possibly the most predominant twentieth-century philosopheme, and this issue is implicitly at stake in this film.
If an interpretation of the past takes place by the present, then the present must remain open--in Heidegger's understanding of that term--to freeing the philosopheme from its historiographical articulation.