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Noun1.Psychodidae - very small two-winged flies with hairy wings that develop in moss and damp vegetable matter: sand flies
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Nematocera, suborder Nematocera - mosquitoes; fungus gnats; crane flies; gnats; sand flies
psychodid - a fly of the family Psychodidae
genus Phlebotomus, Phlebotomus - small bloodsucking sand flies that resemble moths
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Phlebotomidae sand * Sand flies are hairy flies (Phlebotomus) insects with long legs (Figure 6-74) and are inactive during the day.
The vectors in this case are small flies of family Phlebotomidae, genus Phlebotomus.
The biology of Phlebotomidae in relation to leishmaniasis.