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he said, after examining the object; "found, apparently, on the banks of the river Phlegethon.
The royal carriage was provided by the Great Western Railway and was pulled by an engine called Phlegethon.
Par-dela le fait qu'une telle approche, logique, fondee sur l'instabilite spatiale du demon, nous semble totalement inadaptee au discours mythique, les deux critiques ne pretent pas attention au fait que la geographie infernale nest pas davantage coherente, puisque les Furies sont censees se trouver tantot dans le vestibule de l'Orcus tantot pres du Phlegethon, ou Tisiphone officie dans les prisons tartareennes.
On 2008 Feb 22 Parker drew attention to a similar, dark reddish patch located at +40[degrees], 118[degrees] near Phlegethon, just off the a.
they will have no such local known place, more than Styx or Phlegethon,
This simile signals the transition from the circle of violence, which ends with a steep cliff over which the Phlegethon cascades down to the circles of fraud.
Now by the kingdoms of infernal rule, Of Styx, Acheron, and the fiery lake Of ever-burning Phlegethon, I swear That I do long to see the monuments And situation of bright splendent Rome.
His words recall the spiritual topography of Hades, the region defined by the rivers of dread--Styx, Acheron, Cocytus, and Phlegethon.
In Greek mythology five rivers of the underworld are mentioned: Acheron, Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon (or Pyriphlegethon) and which other?
The next section begins with quotation from Dante's Inferno describing Phlegethon, a river of boiling blood in the Seventh Circle of Hell, in which the bodies of those who committed crimes of violence are immersed.
di, quibus imperium est animarum, umbraeque silentes et Chaos et Phlegethon, loca nocte tacentia late, sit mihi fas audita loqui, sit numine vestro pandere res alta terra et caligine mersas.