Phlegmatic temperament

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(Old Physiol.) lymphatic temperament. See under Lymphatic.

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She had a phlegmatic temperament, and her condition did not seriously inconvenience her.
Barkis) to say - he being, as I observed in a former chapter, of a phlegmatic temperament, and not at all conversational - I offered him a cake as a mark of attention, which he ate at one gulp, exactly like an elephant, and which made no more impression on his big face than it would have done on an elephant's.
But it proved to be a day suited to someone with Rudolph's phlegmatic temperament.
England are keen to have him back and his phlegmatic temperament has seen him pinned as a potential future opener.
for those with phlegmatic temperament "dances with enthusiasm and excitable temperament" were chosen, fast, dynamic, quick and energetic dances with prompt executions: jive, rock, samba, salsa, aerobic dances--that require effort and high stamina, involving mobility and high amplitude.
He has blossomed significantly since, making his breakthrough last year with two victories and gaining Ryder Cup honours where his arrow-straight driving and phlegmatic temperament brought him a rare American success in the singles.
Some character psychologists have credited Kant for redeeming the phlegmatic temperament for its intellectually productive lack of affect.
Race, whose name was a bit misleading considering his phlegmatic temperament, was unperturbed.
The 28-year- old has travelled those roads before with his home town club and is,in any case,blessed with a phlegmatic temperament that has served him well on the big occasions.
Trescothick is deservedly a leading candidate to take over from Hussain because of his phlegmatic temperament and belligerent strokeplay.
Sixteenth-century physicians allowed that once a man reached the age of forty, he might be "immoderate" in his drinking habits, and that the elderly, who tended toward a cold nature and phlegmatic temperament, should drink "as much as they want.
We failed to prove the dependency between the phlegmatic temperament component and the component of psychological well-being both before and after the match and there was no correlation between the length of the refereee's practice and values of components of impulsiveness both before and after the match.