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a.1.Having the nature or properties of phlegmon; as, phlegmonous pneumonia.
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Elevated serum bilirubin levels in acute appendicitis can either appear as a result of bacteraemia or endotoxinaemia, both possible in the catarrhal and phlegmonous forms as well as in the gangrenous or perforated ones.
It was phlegmonous from the tip of the appendix and joined through retroperitoneum to the liver capsule (Figure 3).
The study comprised 16 (8 male and 8 female) patients with mild to moderate symptoms and catarrhal or phlegmonous appendicitis.
At the hospital, the patient's CT results found phlegmonous appendicitis (see Figures 2 and 3).
Based on the pathology results, data was divided into 3 groups: uncomplicated AA (uncomplicated; AA without peritonitis or phlegmonous appendicitis); complicated appendicitis (perforated, plastrone, necrotising appendicitis and appendicitis with peritonitis); and non-appendicitis (normal appendix, and reactive lymph node hyperplasia) cases.
6%) patients were converted to open cholecystectomy because of distorted anatomy dense adhesions, phlegmonous mass and bleeding.
Mumps virus infection with laryngeal oedema and thoracic wall phlegmonous inflammation in an adult.
As a result, there were received 9 peptide fractions: from acute catarrhal -1 of phlegmonous -3, of gangrenous -1 and chronic calculus - 4.
A case of phlegmonous colitis that developed in a chronic HCV-infected patient who received combined therapy of PEG-IFN and Ribavirin also had a lethal consequence.
Systemic Th17-like cytokine pattern in gangrenous appendicitis but not in phlegmonous appendicitis.
A case report of Shewanella haliotis showing a phlegmonous inflammation of right lower leg with sepsis [in Japanese].
Abdominal ultrasound scan showed a partially visualized pancreatic body displaying a heterogeneous, predominantly hypoechoic, echo texture, anterior to which was a phlegmonous fluid collection.