n.1.(Med.) Inflammation of external parts of the body; erysipelatous inflammation.
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The patient improved with no clinical symptoms of cervical abscess or evidence of phlogosis.
In this case, trauma could act as co-factor that favours the adhesion and the penetration of the yeast, sustains phlogosis of the palate and increases the permeability of the epithelium to toxins and soluble agents produced by Candida yeast.
The pathological evaluation carried out at the pathology department revealed a high-grade tumour with lamina propria involvement (T1G3) and wide consensual phlogosis.
Tests of respiratory function showed a large number of obstructive syndromes; scanning electron microscopy highlighted qualitative and quantitative alterations of the alveolar macrophages; and transmission electron microscopy revealed the presence of electron-dense cytoplasmatic inclusions indicating intense and active phlogosis (external inflammation).
2002), an effect that could reduce the inflammatory oxidative stress and the phlogosis.