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1. Greek Mythology Apollo, the god of the sun.
2. The sun.

[Middle English phebus, from Latin Phoebus, from Greek phoibos, shining, Apollo.]


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth Also called: Phoebus Apollo Apollo as the sun god
2. (Poetry) poetic a personification of the sun
[C14: via Latin from Greek Phoibos bright; related to phaos light]


(ˈfi bəs)

1. Apollo as the sun god.
2. the sun personified.
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Noun1.Phoebus - (Greek mythology) Greek god of lightPhoebus - (Greek mythology) Greek god of light; god of prophecy and poetry and music and healing; son of Zeus and Leto; twin brother of Artemis
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


[ˈfiːbəs] NFebo


[ˈfiːbəs] nFebo
References in classic literature ?
Come, let us make haste, or the sunshine will be gone, and Phoebus along with it.
Phoebus (for this was the very person whom they were seeking) had a lyre in his hands, and was making its chords tremble with sweet music; at the same time singing a most exquisite song, which he had recently composed.
As Ceres and her dismal companion approached him, Phoebus smiled on them so cheerfully that Hecate's wreath of snakes gave a spiteful hiss, and Hecate heartily wished herself back in her cave.
answered Phoebus, endeavoring to recollect; for there was such a continual flow of pleasant ideas in his mind, that he was apt to forget what had happened no longer ago than yesterday.
She called the gods about her, and said, "Look to it, you two, Neptune and Minerva, and consider how this shall be; Phoebus Apollo has been sending Aeneas clad in full armour to fight Achilles.
If Mars or Phoebus Apollo begin fighting, or keep Achilles in check so that he cannot fight, we too, will at once raise the cry of battle, and in that case they will soon leave the field and go back vanquished to Olympus among the other gods.
Here Neptune and those that were with him took their seats, wrapped in a thick cloud of darkness; but the other gods seated themselves on the brow of Callicolone round you, O Phoebus, and Mars the waster of cities.
But Phoebus Apollo came up to Hector and said, "Hector, on no account must you challenge Achilles to single combat; keep a lookout for him while you are under cover of the others and away from the thick of the fight, otherwise he will either hit you with a spear or cut you down at close quarters.
Then first in Delos did I and Homer, singers both, raise our strain -- stitching song in new hymns -- Phoebus Apollo with the golden sword, whom Leto bare.
The god Phoebus, who is a true god, has been charioted for an hour-and were you not to be on the ramparts by sunrise?
Captain Phoebus de Châteaupers, at your service, my beauty
And while Captain Phoebus was turning up his moustache in Burgundian fashion, she slipped from the horse, like an arrow falling to earth, and fled.