phosphodiester bond

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phos·pho·di·es·ter bond

A covalent chemical bond that links two carbon atoms through a phosphate group, especially the bonds that link the pentose sugars of adjacent nucleotides in polynucleotide chains of RNA and DNA.

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2 to understand why linking rna monomers with phosphoester bonds is so difficult, To understand the molecular mechanism of possible catalysts and to suggest key improvements.
Organophosphates compounds are composed of three phosphoester linkages and the phosphorus is also oxygen or sulfur by double bond thus, the breakdown of these linkages could be the way to degrade the organophosphorus compounds and the esterase could be responsible enzyme for it (29, 19).
In addition to ionization conditions, the matrix used in MALDI may play a role in the stability of phosphoester linkage and its mass analysis.

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