phosphodiester bond

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phos·pho·di·es·ter bond

A covalent chemical bond that links two carbon atoms through a phosphate group, especially the bonds that link the pentose sugars of adjacent nucleotides in polynucleotide chains of RNA and DNA.

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In addition to ionization conditions, the matrix used in MALDI may play a role in the stability of phosphoester linkage and its mass analysis.
Because of the greater stability of a phosphodiester linkage, as used in the C3 linker, relative to a single phosphoester bond, it appears that all of these concerns can be alleviated by replacing the phosphate cap with an alkyl group via common phosphoramidite chemistries.
AR antagonist activity decreased as alkyl chain length of the phosphoester increased, whereas electron-donating properties of phenyl substituents of the tested compounds did not influence AR activity.

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