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n. pl. pho·to·con·duc·tiv·i·ties
Electrical conductivity affected by exposure to light.

pho′to·con·duc′tion n.
pho′to·con·duc′tive adj.


(General Physics) the change in the electrical conductivity of certain substances, such as selenium, as a result of the absorption of electromagnetic radiation
photoconductive adj
ˌphotoconˈductor n


(ˌfoʊ toʊˌkɒn dʌkˈtɪv ɪ ti)

the increase in the electrical conductivity of a substance, caused by the absorption of electromagnetic radiation.
pho`to•con•duc′tive (-kənˈdʌk tɪv) adj.
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Noun1.photoconductivity - change in the electrical conductivity of a substance as a result of absorbing electromagnetic radiation
electrical conduction - the passage of electricity through a conductor
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In this method, the selected intensifier sheet is characterised to emit proportionate visible light wavelength to conform to the photoconductor maximum function.
Sturm and colleagues used Herschel's Photoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer to study 50 galaxies.
As the telescope scanned the sky, the spacecraft's Spectral and Photometric Imaging REceiver, SPIRE, and Photoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer, PACS instruments snapped the pictures.
In DAD imaging method the surface of photoconductor is exposed to prior defined electromagnetic wavelength (energy) which causes local photoelectric effect in CGT (Charge Generation Layer) layer.
It is possible to generate different sizes of screen elements on photoconductor, and consequently in printing process, with the controlled variation of output laser power (from 1 [micro]W to 12 [micro]W).
After that, the photoconductor drum starts to become scratched, leaving spots and streaks on your printed output.
The best copiers earned approval for quick-time duplexing and for systems that recover toner dust, capture ozone emissions, use organic photoconductor drums (which don't employ toxic chemicals), or have parts made from recyclable plastic.
Cartridge for laser multifunction devices (mfp), drum (photoconductor / photoconductor / photoreceptor) for laser multifunction devices (mfps), cartridge for laser multifunction devices (mfp), cartridge for laser multifunction devices (mfp), cartridge for laser multifunction devices (mfp)
The presence on the refilled (marked) cartridge marking indicating the number and date of refueling with an accrual result and indicating the work performed (replacement of the toner, squeegee, photoconductor, charging shaft, chip, etc.
European Space Agency's (ESA's) Herschel opened its 'eyes' on June 14 and the Photoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer obtained images of M51, which is popularly dubbed the 'whirlpool galaxy'.
Toners of part 2 should be of the brand lexmark ms415dn, Lexmark ms415 dn photoconductor and lexmark ms415 dn maintenance kit and they should be strictly original (oem virgin cartridge first factory load).