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A style of painting that resembles photography in its meticulous attention to realistic detail.

pho′to·re′al·ist adj. & n.
pho′to·re′al·is′tic adj.


(Art Terms) a style of painting and sculpture that depicts esp commonplace urban images with meticulously accurate detail
ˌphotoˈrealist n, adj


(ˌfoʊ toʊˈri əˌlɪz əm)

n. (sometimes cap.)
a style of painting depicting scenes in meticulously realistic detail, in emulation of photography.
pho′to•re′al•ist, n., adj.
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0 in art form can be found in the photorealist paintings of celebrated Canadian artist Mike Bayne, winner of the coveted Kingston Prize for Canadian portraiture.
Painted in a photorealist style, Vadodara-based artist Abir Karmakar's Home, 2016, replicates the interiors of a typical middle-class home on the walls of a house in Fort Kochi.
An author and proponent of the photorealist art movement, Meisel opened one of the first art galleries in SoHo at 141 Prince Street.
Here are Jasper Johns' Three Flags (1958), and Phil (1969), Chuck Close's blown-up photorealist portrait of the composer Philip Glass, and groundbreaking sculptures by Eva Hesse, Nam June Paik and others.
Tolkien for recitation at a "summer diversion" and privately printed (1939); or excerpts from the Canterbury Tales presented as "an evening's entertainment" by the Little Red Schoolhouse (1964); or the Wife of Bath's Prologue presented as "a liberated woman's great story," profusely illustrated (1973); or a version of the Franklin's Tale by Suky Best, a photorealist, called "Photo-Love No.
Through the employment of photorealist elements, high-key colour and decorative detail, I aim to seduce the viewer and retain their gaze, an initially superficial engagement that I hope gives way to an invitation to explore a more complex narrative that lies underneath.
An artist's getaway in Marin County, California, features the owner's photorealist work, and a studio that is a riot of color, with shelves filled with books and antique toys.
Part of that is due to the appearance of the Turtles themselves: For all the undeniable sophistication of Industrial Light & Magic's motion-capture system--which required the actors to wear skin-hugging body suits and helmets equipped with tiny high-def cameras--the push toward a more photorealist design has led to strangely off-putting and unapproachable results.
Ikon icons: John Salt, paintings, prints and sculptures from before his photorealist career.
She found inspiration in artists such as Chuck Close, anAmerican painter and photographer who achieved fame as a photorealist throughhis massive-scale portraits.