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intr.v. phreaked, phreak·ing, phreaks Slang
To manipulate a telephone system illicitly to allow one to make calls without paying for them.

[Alteration of freak (influenced by phone).]

phreak′er n.


(Telecommunications) the act of gaining unauthorized access to telecommunication systems, esp to obtain free calls
[C20: blend of freaking + phone]
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In 1971, Esquire ran an article about Engressia, Draper and the whole phreaker scene.
16) In those early days, the exploration and manipulation of telecommunication channels was not prompted by money, but rather a mere fascination with the virtual world in which phreakers could interact and explore the bounds of new communication technology.
Lessons can be also learnt from how telcos secured their public-switched telephone networks (PSTNs) from phreakers.
They were called crackers or, when they were sneaking onto telephone networks, phone phreakers.