Physical Stature

Physical Stature


dandiprat A dwarf, midget, or pygmy. This archaic word was originally the name of a three halfpence coin issued in 16th-century England. It took on its present meaning when Richard Stanyhurst referred to Cupid as a dandiprat in his 1582 translation of the Aeneid.

go-by-ground A very tiny person, a homunculus, a Lilliputian. This obsolete expression is obviously derived from the little distance between the earth’s surface and a small person’s head.

I had need have two eyes, to discern so petit a go-by-ground as you. (Copley’s Wits, Fits, and Fancies, 1614)

hop-o’-my-thumb A diminutive person, a midget or pygmy; a mean, small, contemptible person, fit only to be ordered about and looked down upon. In early usage the term was primarily one of contempt; but, perhaps through confusion with Tom Thumb, it has become increasingly descriptive and less offensive, indicative of small stature rather than lowly status.

knee-high to a grasshopper Very short or small, especially because of a young age. This popular American expression and its many variants are jocular extensions of the simpler term knee-high, in use about 70 years before the earliest extended variant.

You pretend to be my daddies; some of you who are not knee-high to a grasshopper! (The Democratic Review, 1851)

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When I came to be interviewed for this role, I was struck by how suited Liverpool Cathedral is for the city - its physical stature is matched by the desire to serve the community," said Sue.
He was a man who radiated intelligence and inspired respect, and while he was of slight physical stature, he towered over all of his contemporaries.
His physical stature and ability to come and confidently claim crosses was a considerable boost to Swansea's defensive play.
He goes on to say Marwan Barghouti is a born leader, in spite of his small physical stature.
That might have been a comment on the Britons' similar physical stature, but also a compliment in the way Barker animated the race.
The athletic back-rower was almost like international teammate Leigh Halfpenny, who was told he did not have the physical stature to make it at the top level.
Known as "Monster" due to his crushing power and impressive physical stature, Miljas looks to go 2-0 as a pro when he challenges Mexican Adrian Garcia, 1-1 (1 KO), in a four rounder.
Inverness have a good physical stature and decent players in important positions.
Given their slick passing styles and physical stature, there have inevitably been comparisons between Field and his midfield counterpart Darren Fletcher.
The term "livable design" refers to the concept that all design should serve the broadest range of people, regardless of mobility, age, gender or physical stature, without adaptation or specialized features.
I mention this because it flies in the face of suggestions Gatland has ignored Davies on the grounds of his physical stature.
Some of Olafsson's most successful roles have capitalized on his physical stature, such as an out-of-control politician in the film "XL," a stint in the first season of HBO's "True Detective," and an award-winning turn as Lenny in an Icelandic legit production of "Of Mice and Men.