Physical point

an indefinitely small portion of matter; a point conceived as being without extension, yet having physical properties, as weight, inertia, momentum, etc.; a material point.

See also: Physical

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I spoke to some tennis coaches, that was for a physical point of view.
It will be very demanding for us from a physical point of view but we are ready for this important game," said Sanchez.
Spiders boss Gus MacPherson said: "We should have taken something from the game but we lost it from a physical point of view and not the football side.
We've got to work our way through for the hardcore fans, to show we can do more from a tactical, technical point of view but also from an effort and a physical point of view.
It is a big week coming up, not just from a physical point of view but also due to the travelling.
Ronald Koeman said earlier this summer: "He will have to get used to the high tempo we play and it will be tougher for him, especially from a physical point of view.
Hong Kong will be the second physical point of presence after Singapore for Kronologi listed on Malaysias ACE market which is catering to the growing demand in Asia for data storage and protection solutions.
There is a big difference from the physical point of view, but from technical point of you, I think they played good,' he said.
The blues became only the second team (after Dublin) to win after the infamous six-day-turnaround which made Terry Hyland a proud as well as a relieved boss at the final whistle: "It isn't easy, from a psychological and a physical point of view so fair play to the lads," he said Cavan went 1-1 to no-score in front after Eugene Keating's third minute flicked goal.
Later on in the year at events where there is a breeze, we are going to have to step things up again because things could get pretty intense on these boats from a physical point of view.
Card-present fraud is when a card is used fraudulently at the physical point of sale.