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1.A combining form, denoting relation to, or dependence upon, natural causes, or the science of physics.
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Hence, it could be considered that the soils of the Berani, Usman Shah Huri, Tando Adam and Oderolal area are normally suitable for crop production; because the determined values for not a single of the soil physico- chemical properties referred to be adverse for the agriculture production.
The significant differences in the physico- chemical traits of seeds of different accessions resulted in variation in seed emergence rates and seedling vigour.
The various physico- chemical characteristics such as density, viscosity, heating value, cetane index, flash point, Conradson carbon residue and distillation behavior of the product was studied.
The present work was, therefore, planned to investigate the effects of poultry droppings on physico- chemical parameters and pond productivity in the ponds.