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n.1.Theology or divinity illustrated or enforced by physics or natural philosophy.
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In Jacob's words, "More than in any of the other varieties of late eighteenth-century Protestantism, science, more aptly physico-theology, had been woven into the Unitarian credo" (48).
Natural theology took on the new complexion of physico-theology, which churned up new empirical knowledge and regarded the discoveries as indicators of the Creator's wisdom and power.
The sense that Varney is missing an opportunity here partially to redress the balance is increased by the three remaining chapters, which provide far less engaging, and occasionally arid discussions of physico-theology, responses to the `new science', and the cultural politics of country and city.
Elsewhere the Journal plays closely enough on a footnote in Derham's Physico-Theology, a section from Montesquieu's De l'esprit des lois, and the editorial matter of Richardson's Clarissa to make it at least a possibility that more than mere memory was in operation: all three works are conspicuous absences from Baker's catalogue, even though part of the last is known to have been in Fielding's possession (extraordinarily) two months before publication.