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a.1.Of or pertaining to physicologic.
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There a son for these applications is niobium's physicological inertness and ability to be coloured by anodisation [2-4,6].
Murray said he hopes to repeat his Flushing Meadows success at the Australian Open, and added that hiring Lendl helped him improve on the smallest of physicological and technical details.
Accumulation and extractability of grape skin tannins and anthocyanins at different advanced physicological stages.
In addition to its critical involvement in physicological functions, leptin has been increasingly recognized as a cytokine-like hormone with pleiotropic actions in modulating immune responses (20).
This database will be a nice system that I can set up each block (of the vineyard), log the year planted and all the physicological events that happen," he said.
Each issue includes information on: patient assessments; nutrition therapy and exercise; pharmacologic, surgical and behavioral approaches to long-term weight loss and maintenance; counseling and patient communications; prevention and treatment strategies for physicological and psychological health agencies; and, patient education tools and support materials.
Exercise Training and Growth Hormone, The American Physicological Society, 1992.
Unlike Recanati, Nunberg does not attempt to give a sketch of the physicological processes involved in utterance interpretation.
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