Piccadilly Circus

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Pic·ca·dil·ly Circus

A traffic junction and popular meeting place in London, England, noted for the statue known as Eros.
References in classic literature ?
Startled by this discovery and seeing herself pacing a circle all the days of her life round Picadilly Circus she was greatly relieved to pass a building put up by the London County Council for Night Schools.
Stephen McMenzie: "By this logic they should ban traffic around Picadilly Circus and Times Square.
Some pieces escape the rhetoric of the condition report, though: among them, a remarkable set of sixty rare prints from "The Picadilly Project," a collaboration with Hansjorg Mayer begun in 1969, a major work of graphic experimentation based on a subversion of the printing process applied to a cheap, popular Picadilly Circus postcard.
Scots singer Darius Campbell said: "I was in London rehearsing yesterday and could feel the excitement in the air as I passed through Picadilly Circus.
The event was held at Cafe de Paris in Picadilly Circus, where those inside were shown exclusive interviews with the game's developers, participated in games of Warcraft trivia to win prizes and met actors dressed as the new Pandaren characters.
Adam Glasser also headed to London in the 1970s, spending the next two decades in piano bars around Picadilly Circus or in restaurants with diners fond of sappy Italian music.
David Naughton, Griffin Dunne and Jenny Agutter star in this contemporary story of the macabre which takes you from the Welsh moors to Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and the grounds of Windsor Castle.
Every Monday morning for 12 years the Rector of Stiffkey (Stewkey to the locals) left his Norfolk parish for the bright lights of London, shooting eagerly off to Picadilly Circus or Soho in search of his Fallen Women.
I was riding through Picadilly Circus with no harness and Alex on the back, swerving in and out of cars and buses.
Xavier Rebergue said Mr Ihab had not arrived at the restaurant in Picadilly Circus where he worked, and his father was due to come over from Paris last night.