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 (pĭk′fərd), Mary Originally Gladys Smith. 1892-1979.
Canadian-born American actress who became one of the most popular stars of silent film for her roles as a winsome, innocent girl. She was a founder of the United Artists Corporation (1919).


(Biography) Mary, real name Gladys Mary Smith. 1893–1979, US actress in silent films, born in Canada


(ˈpɪk fərd)
Mary (Gladys Marie Smith), 1893–1979, U.S. motion-picture actress, born in Canada.
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Noun1.Pickford - United States film actress (born in Canada) who starred in silent films (1893-1979)Pickford - United States film actress (born in Canada) who starred in silent films (1893-1979)
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This was because one of them had told the other that Elizabeth was Mary Pickford.
I know the Misses Osborne were excellent critics of a Cashmere shawl, or a pink satin slip; and when Miss Turner had hers dyed purple, and made into a spencer; and when Miss Pickford had her ermine tippet twisted into a muff and trimmings, I warrant you the changes did not escape the two intelligent young women before mentioned.
She was discovered when the truck unloaded at the warehouse of Pickfords, a removal and storage company in Warwick after staff heard her meowing, the Mirror said.
After being discovered with the cargo, she enjoyed a short stay at Bayton Lodge Quarantine Kennels and Cattery in Warwickshire, paid for by Pickfords.
The four-year-old tabby-and-white was discovered when staff heard her mewling as the cargo unit was unloaded at removal and storage company Pickfords earlier this month.
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com)-- Pickfords, the UK's largest moving and storage company, has teamed up with MTV Networks UK & Ireland (MTV UK) to promote the main channel's brand new move from Sky Channel #350 to #126 this month.
Mike Somers, of Pickfords Moving & Storage says it is important to get the balance right "One person's prized possession is another person's clutter.
PICKFORDS, the UK's oldest removals firm, was yesterday saved from going into administration after being bought by The Team Group.
With this in mind, Pickfords are now houseowners a special De-Clutter Service, giving them the chance to put all their stray belongings and furniture in storage before putting their home up for sale.
But three months after arriving in Scotland, they were at their wits' end after removal firm Pickfords mislaid all their possessions.