bread and butter pickle

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Noun1.bread and butter pickle - thinly sliced sweet pickles
sweet pickle - pickle cured in brine and preserved in sugar and vinegar
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Miso Chicken Steamed Bun- Japanese fried chicken paired with pickled cucumber, red radish, mixed greens, miso mayo, and scallions, inside a fluffy Oishii bun.
it's possible to eat most of their creations without the things falling to bits, which is handy when you have to make notes for a review - it's a full-on assault of cheesy, meaty, salty, fatty goodness (well, perhaps not goodness, but at least it offered some pickled cucumber as a token five-a-day).
Top the tortillas with the lettuce, chicken, and pickled cucumber and carrot.
Items that remain include hot smoked salmon with teriyaki sauce and pickled cucumber (a Japanese-inspired dish revamped for Fume Downtown), the slow-cooked chuck ribs, the pulled beef brisket bun and vinegar slaw.
My wife started with Thai crab fishcakes with pickled cucumber salad and a delicious hot and sour sauce.
Next is Jason Conway from Elda Wild Irish, who will provide the rabbit for a confit of rabbit terrine, and later the virtual journey continues further inland to the Goatsbridge Trout Farm, to collect the ingredients for a medley of trout including gravlax, rillettes and a smoked veloute served with Faithlegg's own pickled cucumber.
It's described as "a Bockwurst sausage nestled in a soft glazed bun with ketchup, mustard, pickled cucumber and red onion.
And the Dorstone ashed goat's cheese - it's rolled in ash - served on a poppy seed cracker and devilled crab on pickled cucumber were delights.
Fillings include Vietnamese lemongrass chicken, Korean pork belly and kimchi, pulled pork, with homemade BBQ sauce, and falafel, hummus and pickled cucumber.
The items confiscated included 900 hot dog rolls, 250kg of mortadella, two barrels of pickled cucumber, and 20kg of cheese.
Lay everything out and allow everyone to build their own duck wrap, using flour tortillas, sliced duck, sauce and pickled cucumber.
For example, the Taj is a tandoori marinated tofu dog with pickled cucumber ribbon and mango chutney.