a.1.Capable of being pictured, or represented by a picture.
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In more picturable terms, the dispute boils down to something like this: Suppose a quantum leather factory in Las Vegas sends out two boxes--one to Sue in Ohio and one to Jim in Texas.
In The Allegory of Love, Lewis makes a distinction between allegory, which is defined as the attempt "to represent what is immaterial in picturable terms" by taking a human passion and giving it shape in the figure of a person who embodies that characteristic, and symbolism, which is a broader and deeper form of representing the immaterial world.
Now although "correspondence theories" of truth are not completely passe and are still being developed in increasingly subtle form, there is no longer an implicit assumption that all objects or events described in language are in some sense picturable.
The most completely picturable things are particular objects, like Mt.
60), was used to link the procedures and outcomes of optical experiences: "Just as constructions in geometry were generated from postulates that expressed conceded possibilities, so the use of a geometrical paradigm served to re-create unfamiliar experience by generating it from familiar experience--that is, easily picturable operations" (p.
One of the problems of vulgar eastern narrative is that in the absence of commonly picturable referents its nouns can stand only for themselves; Byron cannot specify what species of "camel" or what order of "column" he means to describe because his vocabulary must not become too technical and interfere with the readerly dream.
Modern science has a parallel problem with "picture" language -- atoms and black holes and quarks are not picturable, so scientists have to use metaphor, just like theologians).