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Noun1.Picumnus - a genus of PicidaePicumnus - a genus of Picidae      
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Picidae, Picidae - woodpeckers
piculet - small woodpeckers of South America and Africa and East Indies having soft rounded tail feathers
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a) Galbula albirostris cyanicollis Yes Malacoptila fusca semicincta Yes Nonnula brunnea sclateri Yes Picumnus lafresnayi aurifrons Yes Pionites melanocephalus leucogaster Yes Frederickena fulva unduliger Yes Gymnopithys lunulatus salvini Yes Hemitriccus zosterops griseipectus Yes Pheugopedius coraya genibarbis Yes Genus Limited by upper Ucayali?
PICIDAE - Real: Melanerpes candidus, Campephilus leucopogon; Null: Picumnus cirratus, Melanerpes cactorum, Piculus chrysochloros, Celeus flavescens, Dryocopus lineatus, D.
Recent taxonomy considered pusillus as a subspecies of Picumnus lafresnayi (Winkler et al.