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Noun1.Picus - type genus of PicidaePicus - type genus of Picidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Picidae, Picidae - woodpeckers
green woodpecker, Picus viridis - woodpecker of Europe and western Asia
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He was once a king, named Picus, and a pretty good sort of a king, too, only rather too proud of his purple robe, and his crown, and the golden chain about his neck; so he was forced to take the shape of a gaudy-feathered bird.
Hardly were the words spoken, and before the bird had time to utter another "pe--weep," King Picus leaped down from the bough of a tree, as majestic a sovereign as any in the world, dressed in a long purple robe and gorgeous yellow stockings, with a splendidly wrought collar about his neck, and a golden crown upon his head.
The objectives of this study were to describe the clinical course of children managed in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at RCWMCH with laboratory-confirmed H1N1 infection, and to compare the clinical course of these children with a cohort of other respiratory viral isolates admitted to the PICU during the same period.
For those wanting a lightweight and small electronic pipette, the Sartorius Biohit Picus is the ideal choice.
Purpose: Paediatricians who passed the "Atestat" program on paediatric intensive care deliver high quality PICU services based on international standards.
Though flu vaccination was associated with a significant reduction in risk of PICU admission, flu vaccine coverage was relatively low among the children in this study: only 18 percent of flu cases admitted to the ICU had been fully vaccinated.
This audit was designed to generate outcome data regarding staff usage of the new checklist within a PICU environment.
This was a one-setting study and findings may not be transferable to other PICUs in different areas or with different patient populations.
Cases were defined as illness in patients <15 years of age who had a laboratory-confirmed infection with pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus (determined by PCR, virus isolation, or antigen detection) and were admitted to a PICU or died.
This prospective observational cohort study was conducted at the PICU of the University Hospital, Crete.
Two PICUs in south central United States that were in the process of constructing a new PICU with parent bed spaces within the patient room or cubicle.
all directly compared risk-adjusted mortality of critically ill children in dedicated PICUs to those in non-paediatric ICUs.