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Noun1.Ceryle - a genus of birds of the family AlcedinidaeCeryle - a genus of birds of the family Alcedinidae
bird genus - a genus of birds
belted kingfisher, Ceryle alcyon - greyish-blue North American kingfisher with a chestnut band on its chest
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Species accompanying the hoopoe on the front cover of the foldout include the black and white Pied Kingfisher, seen the length of the Nile Valley hovering before it plunges for the kill, and a male Nile Valley Sunbird, in all the iridescent blue-green and golden glory of his summer plumage.
The Kyrmytly Bird Paradise, located in the Cevdetiye district in Osmaniye's Kastabala Valley, is an important bird-watching sight and the only place in Turkey where the common kingfisher, the white-throated kingfisher and the pied kingfisher can be observed in the same environment.