Pied flycatcher

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(Zool.) a common European flycatcher (Ficedula atricapilla). The male is black and white.

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Woodland birds the nightingale, pied flycatcher and woodcock have also been added to the red list.
Mr Senior said club members are hoping some of the bird boxes would attract the club's target species of Pied Flycatcher and Spotted Flycatcher.
Seventy new microsatellites for the Pied Flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleuca and amplification in other passerine birds.
IT never ceases to amaze me that, by knocking together six pieces of wood into a nest box, and siting it in oak woodland, this will create a new nest opportunity for a Pied Flycatcher (Gwybedog Brith).
A FEMALE pied flycatcher has rewritten the record books.
But the pied flycatcher birds that eat those caterpillars are still migrating north at that time, so when they do arrive, the caterpillars have already turned into moths and are gone.
A study of the pied flycatcher, a long distance migratory bird, showed it is suffering dramatically as a result of being out of sync with food sources.
The new findings, published in the journal Nature, show that in forests with the earliest arrival of caterpillars, pied flycatcher populations have declined by about 90 per cent in the past two decades.
The method was used to sex Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca) nestlings and domestic turkey blood samples but the general approach should be applicable to many avian species.
Redstart and pied flycatcher you can see in the woods in Wales, and it could be the same birds.
But there are also some wonderful pictures of our native birds - Roger R Buxton's Blackbird and Pied Flycatcher and Rugby artist Sarais B Crawshaw's Thrush and Snail, in colour pencil, which sold almost as soon as it went on display.
The pied flycatcher, a key target bird for the scheme, is a scarce summer migrant to the UK that winters in West Africa.